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Larder Equipment

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Mini Folding Gambrel
Mini pocket folding gambrel ideal for Roe, CWD & Muntjac. 8mm diameter stainless steel ba..
Ex Vat: £12.50
Based on 1 reviews.
HME 880Ib Digital Hanging Scale
Perfect larder scale for all deer species and boar. Maximum weight 880Ib/399kg. Auto zero..
Ex Vat: £49.96
Mora 5" Curved Boning Knife
Black Ribbed Elastomer Handle. 5"/125mm Semi Flex blade made from Stainless Grade Carbo..
Ex Vat: £9.96
Large "A" Frame Gambrel
Stainless Steel "A" frame gambrel for the larger deer species. 10mm dia bar & 17" spread ..
Ex Vat: £10.79
Based on 2 reviews.
Elasticated Oversleeve Covers (100)
Non-sterile green polythene over sleeves when worn with gloves provide simple yet effective protec..
Ex Vat: £4.13
Based on 2 reviews.
Burger Press
Perfect solution to make uniform size venison burger's every time! Simply place ground meat i..
Ex Vat: £16.63
Hookless Folding Gambrel
Suitable for hanging Sika, Fallow, Roe, CWD & Muntjac. 10mm diameter stainless steel bar...
Ex Vat: £13.75
Based on 1 reviews.
Mora Elastomer Handled 5" Narrow Boning Knife
Probably the most widely used type of knife for butchering deer. Narrow blade for getting..
Ex Vat: £9.95
Fisher "Professional" 17.5" Bone Saw
Professional 17.5" Bone Saw with stainless steel frame White Polymide Handle Complies w..
Ex Vat: £43.29
Based on 1 reviews.
Dianova Flex Diamond Sharpener
Sharpening a concave grind such as those found on Zip or Swingblade knives can be a problem, howev..
Ex Vat: £13.29
Mora 10" Butchers Knife
Black ergonomic Polymide handle. Quality 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blade. Dishwashe..
Ex Vat: £22.46
Akah Heavy Duty Gambrel Hoist
Description: Easy to assemble Will handle up to 400Ib carcass weight if gambrel is used s..
Ex Vat: £24.13
Mora Legging & Bleeding Knife
The perfect knife for cutting up or down haunches or front legs (legging) as part of the skinning ..
Ex Vat: £14.13
Mora 6" Wide Boning Knife
Polyamide handle with a microblasted structure for optimum friction. Blade made of Swedish ..
Ex Vat: £10.83
Mora Companion FF  Knife
This is a new addition to the popular "Companion" range and designed to really stand out & min..
Ex Vat: £8.29
Disposable Larder Aprons (100)
Blue polythene disposable aprons Ideal for general deer larder use Supplied in packs of..
Ex Vat: £3.29
OutDoor Edge "Le-Duck" Knife
Description: Compact utility knife with a 2.5" Blackstone oxide coated 8Cr14 stainless steel bl..
Ex Vat: £24.96
Fisher "Professional" 17.5" Spare Bone Saw Blade
Fisher "Professional" 17.5" Spare Bone Saw Blade Only   ..
Ex Vat: £6.63
Granton Scabbard
Plastic Scabbard with removable insert Food processing line suitable due to easy clean down..
Ex Vat: £12.46
Based on 4 reviews.
OutDoor Edge Zip Pro Folding Knife
Lightweight, folding zipper blade features easy one-handed opening. Reliable frame-lock desig..
Ex Vat: £20.79
Based on 1 reviews.
Salter 235-6S Hanging Scales
Dual marked 100kg/220Ib larder scales Compact, robust and corrosion resistant 150mm/6" ..
Ex Vat: £58.33
Caterlite Vacuum Packer
Vacuum packing is the best way to freeze meat, game joints, mince, fruit or veg as the vacuum prot..
Ex Vat: £66.67
Based on 1 reviews.
Home & Larder Bone Saw Spare Blade
  Home & Larder Bone Saw Spare Blade Only ..
Ex Vat: £5.00
OutDoor Edge Zip-Blade
The amazing gutting tool from the Swingblade range is now available as a separate fixed blade k..
Ex Vat: £14.96
Based on 3 reviews.
OutDoor Edge Sharp-X
OutDoor Edge Sharp-X Product Code: SX-100 Description: Compact 2 stage sharpener with course ..
Ex Vat: £11.63
Based on 1 reviews.
OutDoor Edge Brisket Steel Stick
The "Steel Stick" is a pivoting steel bar to spread briskets on deer & enable faster coolin..
Ex Vat: £10.79
Embossed Sealed Vacuum bags
Embossed vacuum bags suitable for freezing, refrigerating, microwaving or boiling. Suitable f..
Ex Vat: £8.29
OutDoor Edge Game Processor Kit
Free Carriage is included in the price of this item - please order this item separately to obtain..
Ex Vat: £69.58
Based on 1 reviews.
Mora 9.2" Diamond Steel
Round Diamond steel for sharpening all knife products. Size: 9.2" Steel Due to age rest..
Ex Vat: £16.63
Based on 1 reviews.
OutDoor Edge Wild-Pair Knife Set
Lightweight hunters combo knife set. The deep-bellied gut-hook skinner opens game like a zipp..
Ex Vat: £24.96
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