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Bore Tech Rimfire Blend

Bore Tech Rimfire Blend
Brand: Bore Tech
Product Code: BTCF-17004
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Bore Tech's RIMFIRE BLEND is a specially formulated bore cleaner that effectively cleans lead and powder fouling with ease. Through advanced chemical research RIMFIRE BLEND surpasses the rigorous demands of Rimfire, Cowboy Action & Cast Bullet shooters.

RIMFIRE BLEND‘s proprietary formulation is accomplished through a combination of chemicals that contains no ammonia, no offensive odours and is 100% biodegradable. It has the ability to simultaneously cut through the layers of lead, wax and carbon fouling that builds on the barrel walls.

RIMFIRE BLEND uses an exclusive approach in order to penetrate and lift the lead off of the barrel‘s surface. This approach allows the chemical to perform all the "grunt" work, allowing for minimal time spent brushing and patching.
You will be surprised when you see strands of lead pouring out of the end of your bore.
Whether your barrel is steel, stainless steel or lined RIMFIRE BLEND is 100% safe for an infinite period of time.

Use Instructions:


  1. Wet 3 to 4 patches with RIMFIRE BLEND and push through bore to remove loose fouling. Only push patches through the bore in ONE direction.
  2. Next, make 10 to 15 passes with a tight ?tting brush saturated with RIMFIRE BLEND.
  3. Then repeat Step1 and let RIMFIRE BLEND soak 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Finally, push dry patches through the bore until they come out clean.
  5. Before storing firearm, dampen a patch with RIMFIRE BLEND and push through bore.
  6. Before using firearm, always run a dry patch through the bore. This will remove any residue and ensure against obstructions.

Size: 4oz/118ml

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