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Gun Cleaning

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Napier Universal Rifle Pull Through Cleaning Kit
Using dual action "ULTRACLEAN" material , combined with the cable pull through tool, it is now pos..
Ex Vat: £22.46
Napier Micro Filament Gun Cleaning Cloth
Extra soft non scratch fibre cloth ideal for cleaning barrels, actions & stocks.  &n..
Ex Vat: £4.13
Napier Field Patches
The quick & convenient way of protecting your gun whilst shooting or at home. Each satchet c..
Ex Vat: £3.54
Hoppes Bore Snakes
Hoppes Bore Snakes are the fastest & most durable bore cleaner on the market. One barrel pass ..
Ex Vat: £14.96
Napier Bore Solvent
For the complete removal of lead, copper and nitro powder residues. Effectively cleans any ..
Ex Vat: £3.13
Hoppes Bore Snake Storage Case
The Hoppes Boresnake case is a perfect way to keep your BoreSnake from getting snagged or full of ..
Ex Vat: £8.29
Napier Ultra Clean Rifle Patches
Designed to be use with the Napier Universal Rifle Pull Through Kit or for wrapping round jags or ..
Ex Vat: £2.08
Napier Stock Shield
Napier "Stock-Shield" allows any type of gun to be instantly protected and enhanced in just a coup..
Ex Vat: £8.29
Napier Gun Cleaning Mat
Ideal for use in the home - protects surfaces from scratches and chemicals. This new super ..
Ex Vat: £24.16
Napier SilenSave Moderator Spray
A simple & effective chemical that is sprayed into either end of the moderator prior to storag..
Ex Vat: £5.21
Napier Gun Cleaner
Two in one action - cleans & oils any type of gun. Removes fouling & effectively cl..
Ex Vat: £6.25
Napier "Apex Edge" Honing & Knife Care Oil
Ideal lubricant for all sharpening stones. Protects from rust and cleans any bladed instrument. ..
Ex Vat: £7.08
Napier Trigger Lock
The safe, effective and simple way to prevent unauthorised use of your gun. Tough ratchet l..
Ex Vat: £18.29
Bore Tech C4 Carbon Remover
Bore Tech's C4 CARBON REMOVER is the newest patent pending addition in Bore Tech's technologically..
Ex Vat: £12.46
Napier 12g Shotgun Pull Through Cleaning Kit
Designed for use with the Napier Field Patch. This kit has everything that you will need to clea..
Ex Vat: £12.50
Bore Tech CU+2 Copper Remover
Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper Remover™ uses a revolutionary and patented chemical technology that rapidl..
Ex Vat: £12.46
Napier 20g Shotgun Pull Through Cleaning Kit
Designed for use with the Napier Field Patch. This kit has everything that you will need to clea..
Ex Vat: £12.50
Bore Tech Rimfire Blend
Bore Tech's RIMFIRE BLEND is a specially formulated bore cleaner that effectively cleans lead and ..
Ex Vat: £14.13
Napier 12g/20g Brass Snap Caps
Quality solid brass snap-caps to take the tension of shotgun firing pins when not in use. ..
Ex Vat: £8.33
Bore Tech Eliminator Bore Cleaner
Bore Tech Eliminator Bore Cleaner is the premier, state of the art bore cleaner that has taken the..
Ex Vat: £12.71
Tetra Value Pro III Rifle Cleaning Kit
The Value Pro III is a versatile & quality rifle cleaning kit. Durable compact storage ca..
Ex Vat: £16.63
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